Hear Tony's tips for a healthier you at a desk job!

Yeah. One that I like to tell people is if you can get permission sit on a stability ball. You're still sitting but we just have a tendency to be childlike and start bouncing up and down on the ball. It's better for our back, we move more, we burn more calories throughout the day. If you get a lot of phone calls every phone call you get stand up and take that phone call. A lot of people have to read a lot of e-mails, get your e-mails forwarded to a tablet or your phone and you can stand up and walk around and read your e-mails. At the end of each hour have an alarm go off at like the fifty five mark of every hour, so you stand up walk around the office. Then simple things like parking as far away from the building as possible. Saving part of your lunch time to walk around the office. Just find little ways and little excuses to move. Don't send an email to the person who's in the cubicle next to you, actually stand up and walk over them go talk to them. Simple things like that.