The Most Common Ways People Sabotoge Their Fitness Goals

You did it: You got started! You took the first, crucial step toward creating a new, healthful lifestyle by joining a club and finding a plan to get going. Take a quick minute to congratulate yourself; you deserve it. But then, do exactly as I stay: stop, breathe, and assess.

Despite our enthusiasm for the initial phase of any new plan, many people will fail to make it past the 30-day mark. I want to save you from this struggle and having to start all over again! Living an active life, full of physical fitness, solid nutrition, and down-time is a work in progress. It requires small steps toward overall behavior change. The ultimate goal should be a lifelong habit, not a short-term update in dress size. Let’s try to prevent common pitfalls by touching on the three ways people unintentionally sabotage their own efforts.

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