Working with first-time home buyers

One of the favorite parts of my job is working with first time home buyers. They have never owned a home before, so it's a very exciting time in their lives and one of the biggest purchases that they will surely ever make. I really enjoy working with them because it's fun to educate them on the process, walk them through the process. They typically have a lot of question is a dumb question. I appreciate all of them and love to help them through the process, and make it as less stressful as possible for them. I remember when I bought my first home and I was just so excited that I went and sat in my living room. The carpet was disgusting, the walls were green and yellow and I'm a Vikings I didn't appreciate that very much, but it was just such a great feeling to own something. I was just so proud. Giving people the opportunity to feel that way is really rewarding and a excellent part of my job.

And they can always give us a call at 651-308-8196.