Avoid freezing temperatures! Receive correct tire pressure for free in Hastings

Steve with Carlson Auto Truck, located in Hastings industrial park, would like to talk about tire pressure. As the temperature gets colder outside, your tire pressure drops on all your tires.

Here are a couple tips

  1. When tire pressure gets low in a single tire, your vehicle may pull one way or the other and feel like you need an alignment. Your tire may experience low pressure because of bead leaks, and when corrected, will enhance your fuel mileage.
  2. Prevent damage to your tires by correctly measuring tire pressure as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. (The information is often located on a sticker next to your front seat towards the bottom where your car door shuts.)

Avoid filling up your tire's air in the freezing cold by visiting Carlson Auto Truck where a professional auto mechanic will top-off your tire pressure for free.

Carlson Auto is open between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday and located at 635 Spiral Blvd in Hastings industrial park. Give them a call at (651) 437-2543.

(651) 437-2543

635 Spiral Blvd
Hastings, MN 55033