Hear about alignments at Carlson Auto Truck [AUDIO]

Hi, this is Steve from Carlson Auto Truck. I want to clarify a few things for people and we do alignments here.

We love to do them and people frequently us ask how often they should be done. We usually say if your steering wheel pulls towards one way or another you should probably have an alignment.

If your new tires are wearing down on one edge or the other it means your alignment is off, possibly your caster or camber, and that's a simple, routine check at Carlson Auto Truck.

Sometimes bolts are rusted out and they might break as they're adjusted. We've experienced breakage with one to two-year-old cars and it might be the good salt they put out on the roads.

4x4 trucks with installed lift kits typically are more of an investment because as they're lifted all the steering angles become different from the factory settings. It can be a fun challenge to get them back into spec.

Sometimes we're required to take extra steps like grinding the frame a little more to align the angles better, but we like doing them.

If you want to talk about your alignment, and if you think your car needs one, give Brandon and I a call at Carlson Auto Truck (651) 437-2543. Thanks!

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