Homegrown auto mechanic has deep roots in Hastings

Brandon Lewanski's official title is, Driveability Technician at Carlson Auto Truck, a position he's served for about six years.

Working on cars most of his life, Brandon cut his teeth at Conzemius Carriers laboring on semi trucks when he was about six or seven years old. There he learned to sweep the floor, clean large trailers and wash up oil spills. Every year he's progressed, achieving more, by helping guys at the shop.

Back then he never knew he wanted to work on cars it was just kind of something he would do and it was fun. He didn't think too much about it. To him, he was just fixing stuff and didn't take it too serious until he turned about seventeen. 

My first vehicle was actually a ‘71 Chevy pickup with carburetor issues and ignition problems. I was young so I had to teach myself to make it run because I didn’t have the money to bring it to a shop and fix it.
— Brandon Lewanski, Driveability Technician

It was at that initial point, after having his truck for a few years, when Brandon realized he could probably service automobiles for a living. And the person he credits for helping him next along his journey is Chuck Mortel from local Hastings High School.

Through 10th, 11th and 12th grade Brandon credits Mr. Mortel as being very, very good at teaching kids interested in pursuing their passions and dreams in the shop. It was about a year after high school Brandon realized he was going to attend school for auto tech and enrolled at DCTC for their 2-year program.

Upon graduating he immediately started working in the industry and six years later he's here at Carlson Auto Truck.

Today, Brandon is most interested in helping develop a solid team, growing a good customer base built on trust and supporting the legacy of what Carlson Auto Truck stands for: doing honest repair.

Trying to establish a healthy community and positive feeling in the auto repair business carries weight with Brandon.

I guess the final thing I have to say is we would love to see you bring in your car. We’ll do our best to make you feel comfortable and feel like you’ve gotten your car fixed properly.
— Brandon Lewanski

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