Steve talks about the history of Carlson Auto Truck

Well I'm Steve Pavelka, we're located at 635 Spiral Boulevard in the Hastings Industrial Park. In 1984 Bob Carlson asked me if an auto repair shop would go in Hastings, and help them get one going. So we started the shop where the Hastings Chrysler building is right now and we were in there for about two years. Then we had to move as the dealership bought the building and was going to open up for Chrysler. Then in 1998 Bob Carlson, he went up to the Cottage Grove Carlson Auto and I purchased the Hastings location, and I've been here for 33 years. So please feel free to give us a call with any questions you have about your car, or to make an appointment, and our phone number 651-437-2543, thanks.