Barb talks about some of the unique items that can be found at Chrysalis Handcrafted Gifts, Massage & More!

Well I don't know that it's unique to Chrysalis but the choker is coming back and again it was a big 70's kind of thing, so we're making some chokers up with a little different twist on them. They're hand crafted by us and we are going to make some that are interchangeable with rings and you can change them as you change your outfits too, so it would be a more versatile kind of piece. We came up with a bangle memory wire kind of bracelet that is super cute and super easy and you don't have to attach it to it, or don't have to worry about a magnet coming undone or anything like that. So it's kind of a new item we've been doing too. Of course we have some great wire wrapped stones from one of our under vendors and she does a really nice job with those. And of course we always have hand crafted and one of a kind items that are made from a lot of stone mostly, and there are some crystal items and so there's a lot of fun with that. Then we do have some home items made by one of our other crafters that are little snowman or we also have a great scrubbys and washcloths down here too that people just love.