Greg connects locally

I'm involved with the Hastings Knights of Columbus. I've been a member for probably about 30 years. One thing we recently started doing was, we clean up Highway 55 from Pleasant Drive to Horner Avenue. We do that twice a year. Another thing we do is we have four Pancake Breakfasts every winter. The money that we raise from that we donate to the SEAS, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton School their Faith Formation Program, and also to Total Life Care Center. And then one of our largest projects is the annual Tootsie Roll Drive, where we hand out Tootsie Rolls to people at various businesses in town like Wal-Mart, Coburn's, Emily's Bakery. All the money that we raise from that program is donated to local charities for people with developmental disabilities, like the Hastings Sharks, Special Olympics which is a very, very worthwhile program.