Investing in your vehicle vs. buying a used vehicle in Hastings

Hi, this is Greg from Downtown Tire and Auto in Hastings. I'd like to talk to you today about investing a large amount into your existing vehicle versus selling it and buying another used vehicle from someone else.

If you need to invest say $2,000 in your car to achieve good condition how does this compare to the value of your car? If the car is only worth $1,000 without the repairs and you invest $2,000 into it you will have a $3,000 car. If the body of the car is in very good shape that's a huge plus.

I feel you need to look at the value of the car (if it is in good condition) versus buying another used car from someone else that most likely will need some other repairs. The plus with repairing existing vehicles is you know the history of the car if you've owned it for a long time. The negative with purchasing a used car is you do not know the history of it. You can also purchase a “Carfax report”  but it will not account for all the repairs done to it.

One thing we hear from many customers (that need a lot of repairs on their cars) is they're just going to sell it. Sometimes you can prioritize the repairs, take care of the major safety concerns first, and do the other not-so-important-things like a window repair,  air conditioning repair or maintenance.

If you are going to purchase a used car from someone, including dealerships and private parties, have it inspected along with rusty conditions before you buy it. If the person selling it will not allow you to take it and have it looked-over do not buy it. They probably are hiding something.

Downtown Tire and Auto has experienced many customers that purchased a used vehicle, and then bring it in for an inspection, only to learn there are hundreds of dollars of repairs which is a bummer.

If you have any questions or might like a professional opinion, do not hesitate to give Downtown Tire and Auto a call at (651) 437-6400 and we would be happy to assist you.

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