Premade Cookie Dough By Emily's For Your Holiday Cookies!

Love to bake cutout cookies with your kids or grandkids but hate the mess and hassle of getting the dough ready? Let Emily's help! Order our sheets of cookie dough. Our bakers mix the dough, mess up the bakery production area and roll out the dough to the perfect thickness on our sheeter. You buy it, bring it home and it's ready for your favorite cutters! One sheet makes two to three dozen cookies and if you roll out the leftovers you can cut a few more. They are $9.95 a sheet. Order ahead or call anytime to see if we have some on hand. Don't forget the white icing, we sell that too! 651-437-3338

Saturday's muffins of the day are blueberry and bakers choice.
99¢ each
6 for $5.94
12 for $11.88

*Because of our wide selection of muffins, our bakers must stagger the production schedule. While we try to follow the schedule below as closely as possible, we occasionally encounter situations that force us to change it slightly. Thank you for your patience.

Saturday's Hot Entree in the Deli is Cook's Choice..

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