Your favorite local restaurants use Emily's Bakery products

There are a lot of businesses in town that use Emily's bakery products in their business. There's a whole segment of our business that goes out the back door we say, that gets delivered on our wholesale truck every day. We make deliveries six days a week. We go to all kinds of restaurants places like The Onion Grille, The Busted Nut, Wyatt's, Me & Julio's, Muddy Waters, Kitchen Table over in Prescott, out to Wiederholt's, Dan's Bar, were here in town at Witt's End, Spiral Pizza, House of Coates, Stein Haus. We are going to some of the golf courses in the summer like Emerald Greens, in the fall during apple season we're at Afton Apple with lots of apple fritters and cake donuts. Every day we're at the hospital, Minnesota Veterans Home. So we have a lot of presence here in the community.