Miki shares her family's experience at Eyenique Vision

We came to Eyenique for my daughter's first pair of glasses. When we came in, Gina just took the kids by her heart and really got them excited about wearing glasses. Sometimes the first time wearing glasses is kind of sad, because they're like, "I'm going to be different", but Gina made them feel so happy and so excited. She treated them probably like her own children or grandchildren. She took them and tried on different pairs, and as soon as Ellie put on her first pair she got this smile from ear to ear. Gina saw the excitement in her face and said, “Should we get them, is this what you want?” and she loved it. She came back the next year for another pair. When my other daughter Elise needed a pair of glasses, she came here right away. Gina just took her by the heart again, and took her all around the store, let her try on things and said “this looks good, maybe we should try something else”. She was honest with them, didn't make them feel bad about wearing glasses, but just showed a genuine concern. We stop in to say “hi”, just on occasion. Gina greets us with a smile and just genuine love. The whole store is filled with wonderfulness...I don't know if that's a word, but no other words describe it. She's great.