Delicious Mexican Burgers and Chicken Carbonara

Lock And Dam Eatery has great weekly specials that typically start with an appetizer, sandwich, entree and sometimes a salad. They do a wonderful job of mixing it up and they're always open to suggestion if you have your own favorites - let them know.

Fantastic specials will make it to the winter menu that will be coming out the end of October first part of November. You may lose a couple of your favorites but you'll gain some new ones and the old favorites can become specials again. 

So, this week, Lock And Dam is featuring chicken wings. They have a great recipe for chicken wings. It's a Habanero sweet sauce, and don't let the word Habanero scare you because it's not too spicy.

They also have a Mexican burger. It's kind of like sloppy joes with taco meat, queso, lettuce, and tomato. But I think my winner next week is the Chicken Carbonara. It's made with heavy cream, bacon, pepperoni, garlic and a few herbs in the sauce and the chicken breast is parmesan crusted. So come on down this week and try our great specials.