Tara gives a quick tour of Me & Julio's delicious menu

Sure. Let me just give you a quick tour of our menu starting with the appetizers our Macho Nachos is a big hit, served on a nine by thirteen cookie sheet. Also, newer on the menu would be like the Bang Bang Shrimp or the Pork Burnt Ends. Soups & salads, the Chop Salad is going to be by far the most popular salad. We did also just add a Chicken Wild Rice Soup to the menu that may not be on our menu yet but it will be, we are serving it daily.

For the entrees in the middle of the menu...I would say the Grande Burrito an the Juana Burro are going to be our two most popular items. The Juana Burro is going to be like a deep fried chimichanga, the Grande Burrito is not deep fried. Fajitas are probably our top seller on the menu, half pound or full pound served with steak, shrimp or chicken. We also have some great Tacos, soft shell or hard shell, the puffy shells are also very popular. Under the classic sandwiches the Cuban and the Pulled Pork are newer to the menu. The Turkey Melt is my all time favorite with parmesan incrusted cheese over the bread. Burgers, have lots of choices for burgers, any burger can be subbed out as a chicken sandwich.