Great News...Paczkis Are Back Tomorrow!

Paczki or Paczki Day are becoming what chocolate is to St. Valentine's Day and what pumpkin pie is to Thanksgiving, as many people share them with friends, families and co-workers. In previous years, bakeries claimed Halloween as the traditional season that sold the most donut treats. Now areas of the country show that Paczki sales surpass even their No. 1 bakery holiday of Christmas! If you haven't tried them in previous years, give yourself a special treat this season.
Follow the link to view our Paczki schedule -

Thursday in the Bakery
Muffins of the day are morning glory and banana & banana chocolate chip.  
99¢ each
6 for $5.94
12 for $11.88

*Because of our wide selection of muffins, our bakers must stagger the production schedule. While we try to follow the schedule below as closely as possible, we occasionally encounter situations that force us to change it slightly. Thank you for your patience.

Thursday In The Deli
Our deli staff will be serving various hot entrees. Call our deli staff at 651-437-2491 for this Thursday's hot entree choice!

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