Hear about how a local man took one for the team during prohibition

"We're going to talk about this picture at The Onion Grille now. This is a picture of my grandfather, which would be my mother's father. He was a poor, poor farmer and he had 8 children. Back in the day, evidently, he made moonshine and mash. I did not know anything about this until we found the articles years later in an envelope. What I do remember is my mother telling us that she remembers as a little girl these guys would come to the farm dressed in suits, fedoras, nice cars, and they'd bring the children fruit. They didn't have fruit back in those days...you only got fruit when you were sick. And they brought them fruit and they bought them dolls and toys. The reason being was because my grandfather was moonshining and he took the rap for all of these undercover guys. You can read this story, amen."
- Val Youngren