Mexicans don't eat breakfast?

Talking with several of my customers, the joke always come up...that Mexicans don't eat breakfast. I get it. It's because it's not common around Hastings, yet we all need to eat food, right? We do have some great Mexican breakfast plates. Two of our most surprising dishes are chilaquiles and huevos con chorizo, which are becoming very popular. They are two very contrasting on one side is filling, it's loaded with eggs, steak, chilaquiles, rice and beans. It's pleasantly mild because our fried tortillas that are smothered in our amazing green sauce that will make you want to drink it out of a straw. The other plate is a mild Mexican sausage, it's mixed in with scrambled eggs, served with rice, beans and tortillas. This breakfast is almost like drinking coffee in the morning...when you eat it, it leaves you ready for your day. Because of that people just love to add these two dishes to their favorites.