Val talks about the photo of Robert and Laverna Dodge at The Onion Grille

OK, we're going to talk about this picture on the wall at The Onion Grille. That is a picture of my parents...Robert and Laverna Dodge on their honeymoon in 1950 in Duluth, Minnesota. And we always wondered what my mother had in that wrapped package...and we truly believe that it was cigarettes. Because back then when they sold you cartons of cigarettes, they always wrapped to them so nobody would see them. The thing that I really want to point out is the fact that in 1950 my mother was wearing slacks and a button up sweater...she was way before her time. She also was a pilot and flew a Piper Cub. And when she was coming in from her solo flight the building that held her log book was burning down so all of her hours were lost. I always thought she looked like Amelia Earhart.