[GALLERY] Winner, Winner, #Pizza Dinner

Congratulations to 20 people drawn today from Jaci and Pat at Green Mill. Free pizza and apps this Thursday, August 28th starting at 9pm. Winners may bring extra people for only $5 each. We look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow at 9pm! Cash bar.

Jill Hanson
Ken Henin
Carolyn Tim Peters
Bob Lawrence
Danelle Kurtz
Sue Wampfler Madsen
Karisa Cody
Robert Geiken
Kristin Warner
Kate Sutton-Brown
Danielle LaCoursiere
Colleen Fritsch
Michelle Del
Terry Ecker
Joseph Slapnicher
Judith Kulla
Sarah Kranz
Chad Neuharth
Ginny Ware Lund
Thomas Bonneville