A simple renovation can really benefit your home

Jill: Hi, this is Jill Ragan Scully with Impressive Windows and Interiors in downtown Hastings, Minnesota. I have a client with me today, Cari, and she's recently undergone a renovation in her home. She has encountered a few problems and I'd like for you to hear Cari's perspective on the problem she encountered. 

Cari: Ok, after a remodel we have put new paint and new stain on our hardwood floors and I have to keep the light from bleaching and fading my new paint color and my new hardwood floors.

Jill has advised me to use sheers or blackout curtains to filter the light so it does not fade all the new paint and all the new stain on my hardwood floors.

Jill: Does this sound like a problem that you have? Give us a call at 651-437-5512 and we'd be happy to help.