Rich talks how it's all about YOU at Jake's Discount Liquor

Well when a person walks through the door we try and greet every single customer that comes in with a "hello, how's your day going". If you have any questions we can try and help you find what you're looking to get. We like to make them feel like they're the most important person when they come in. 

We will help them every way we can through the most popular things to things we may have on Manager Special. We have hundreds of things on Manager Special every day and they change periodically throughout the weeks. There's no set schedule, they're just going to be on for a while and maybe not be for a while.

We pride ourselves in being able to get people to learn enough about them to know what they like to drink when it comes to a wine, or if you're looking for a certain type of whiskey, or whatever it is that they like. We have some people that are pretty knowledgeable in that area...come on in and ask.