Hear all about Vista Rio's Specials throughout the week!

All right so on Tuesday we run half price bottle wine. And we've been kind of contemplating because folks were really upset when we changed...that we would still do Italian Tuesdays. Well then there's the whole waste and what if people come in and they want Mexican and then they didn't know we went to Italian on Tuesdays etc., etc... So we play with the idea kind of doing more of an infusion Tuesday. So we'll offer about three pastas and three entrees and then the rest will be Mexican. So we'll still do half price bottles of wines so you can get with your Italian and then we'll do...we're going to do two-dollar tacos and then probably a bucket of beer on a special too. And then Wednesdays we do Margarita Madness. So all Margaritas on-the-rocks are frozen, our twelve ounces are $3.50. And then Thursday we have this great new thing Kid's Night - kids eat free. We've done it since we were Italian under the age of ten with an adult. 

Now we do a kid's dessert bar. So the kid after they're done eating or the children after their done eating get to come with a cookie, we give them a sugar cookie and then we have set up on a table frosting, M&M's, chocolate chips, Mike and Ike's*, whip cream and they get to decorate their own cookie. So it's been a pretty good turnout I just think more people need to know about it but every Thursday since we've started getting better. So I think the words getting out there. And then on Sunday, I think are best deal, which people just need to know about because Sunday is kind of our dead day, we are doing fajitas. So you get fajitas for one for $10.99, or for two are $20.99. So you get half a pound of meat, rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo and tortillas for $10.99. And folks that know are pretty happy but we just people know they're here because it's a great deal.