Listen to Jenn talk about Vista Rio's amazing homemade salsa

So as a family we eat salsa almost every meal and there's lots of different ways you can make salsa but our favorite is the roasted salsa. You take your tomatoes, put them on the grill with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and you toast them so they're almost black. And then some cilantro, know all the other good stuff. And we do that every single morning here. It's never out of a can. The tomatoes are you know we bring them in...Roma tomatoes toast them up and also we started a salsa-of-the-week. We've done it probably about six, seven weeks now off-and-on and sometimes we run out and that's kind of the thing with salsa-of-the-week. Once it's gone, it's gone. So you have to get in here early and quick. And we take a lot of pride in ourselves and we take a lot of pride in our food because everything's homemade. You know my husband being from Mexico and our cooks a lot of them are from Mexico. They've kind of got the ins. And you know I would say for the most part you know...eight out of ten people really like it. And I think the other two we just have to educate them. No I'm just teasing. Everybody's got their own opinion...but yeah we take a lot of pride in I hope everybody realizes that and you know we're a small family, and a small business and hope people realize what we do for them.