5 fun activities for kids before they begin school

The library encourages the love of reading and supports early learning.

Children are born ready to learn. Caregivers can help shape early literacy skills by doing five simple activities every day. One is


Children learn about language by listening and responding.  Talk throughout your day and allow your child time to answer. Books are great conversation starters.


Singing and rhyming help children hear and use the sounds that make up words. The library has rhymes and songs on cd and to download.


Shared reading is the most effective way to help your child become a reader. Talk about the pictures and ask questions about what you are reading. Make it fun! A librarian can help you can find great books to match your child’s age and interests. You can access online stories and games at home through Tumblebooks and Bookflix.


Children learn that letters and words stand for sounds and that print has meaning by drawing and writing. The library offers opportunities to practice these at storytimes and at many art, science, and music programs.


Children learn about the world through play.  The library’s play space is filled with fun toys, puppets and games for you to enjoy together.

These five activities, talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing together, will help your child develop into a reader. A librarian can help you get started.