Rio Gran offers a variety of dog training programs for your beloved pet

Rio Gran is also very big into dog obedience training as well. Our belief is that a well trained dog is a happier dog, as well as a happier human. We offer everything from beginner puppy classes, which typically run 6 weeks and do the integration for young puppies...say 12 weeks or less, as well as moving into beginner obedience and Canine Good Citizen. Canine Good Citizen is an AKC program that allows you to test your dog and get a certificate that can help you with insurance rates for home well as help you to move beyond that in the event that you want to take your dog into therapy dog training, that sort of thing. We also do a lot of agility and rally courses for fun, as well as entertainment of the dog and bonding with with the owner, therapy dog classes. We're now offering a nose work class specifically to teach dogs to be able to identify certain substances I.E. contraband, cadaver sniffing, that sort of thing. The training program is important to us here. Certainly give us a call if you have any questions on training. We also offer private training as well for those that prefer not to be in a large group setting.