Develop a customized roadmap for your child's future success in skating [VIDEO]

Hey, this is Amanda Truax, the director of the River Blade Skating School in Hastings. I'm here to talk about the exciting classes we offer and introduce a new service that will help develop a customized roadmap for your child's future success in skating.

Some of the classes that we offer at River Blades...First off, are our group lesson program. We have: Learn to Skate 1-4, pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. We have classes for Mini-Mite hockey players (1-4) and Hockey Power Skating. We also have Teams Synchronized Skating and Team Production and these are our competitive teams. We have recreational competitions and more competitive competitions, whichever direction your skater would like to take their skating. We can take you in any direction that works for your schedule.

A brand new service we are offering is a one-to-one parent consulting on how to plan the best road map to succeed in your child's skating career. To hear more information or to book a consultation with Amanda you can visit my website at or you can email me Make sure you follow us on Facebook, follow our website, Instagram and Twitter.