River Blades Visits Kare 11

River Blades Skating School’s mission is to build self-esteem and confidence for life through skating. Participants during Kare 11’s olympic coverage had a positive experience that helped build both self-esteem and confidence. The following day figure skaters received many compliments from the community and city leaders in Hastings. Being part of this newscast was an immeasurable experience with memories that will last a lifetime.
— Amanda Truax, owner & director of River Blades Skating School in Hastings, MN

Kare 11 ceremoniously kicked-off television coverage for the 2018 Winter Olympics on Friday, February 9th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. River Blades Skating School (Hastings, Minnesota) was invited to perform their award-winning ice skating performance, Beauty and the Beast, during the ten o'clock newscast. 

River Blade's figure skating routine was broadcast on live television, in sub-freezing temperatures, from Kare 11's backyard.

HastingsNow.com would like to thank Kare 11's Jeff Wiltgen, Chief Photographer and Megan Precht, Community Engagement Coordinator for allowing HastingsNow to capture photos and video of this special event.

Another heartfelt thank you to Kare 11's talented team of news anchors, for granting HastingsNow permission to participate throughout this very professional production. 

Channel 11 provided a fabulous opportunity for Riverblades Skating School by showcasing our talent on the 10pm news. As a parent of a young skater, seeing my daughter step off the ice happy with a joyous smile and declared ‘that was epic,’ I knew my time and lack of feeling in my fingertips was all worth it .
— Teran Harmon
What a great experience to show everyone’s passion and love for figure skating.
— Rebecca Braatz, Parent
I had fun and thought it was pretty cool to be on TV.
— Presley Braatz, Figure Skater, River Blades Skating School

Finally, a tremendous thank you to Barb Yackel, Ratings & Events Coordinator of Professional Skaters Association, who made this all possible.