Rivertown Eye Care has a dry eye treatment that will make you feel at ease

Hi this is Karisa from Rivertown Eye Care. Do you ever have any of the following symptoms...gritty, burning, stinging, or scratchy eyes, light sensitivity, redness and itching, blurred and fluctuating vision, discomfort with wind and air conditioning. Well we have a solution for you. Lipiflow is a simple, safe, and effective procedure to help combat and treat your dry eye. The procedure lasts anywhere from 10 months to 2 years.

The consult is done first and is a great way to find out tips/tricks to managing dry eye. It is a progressive disease, not curable, but the Lipiflow System is a great way to help stimulate oil glands in the eye and therefore help prevent gland loss and further damage to your eyes which will help with symptoms relief. 

  • FDA approved dry eye treatment (So is very safe)
  • Proven, clinical effectiveness, both online in studies and here at our clinic
  • Quick, painless (its non-invasive, only 12 minutes)
  • Consultation and treatment in clinic
  • If you do the consult you are not tied into the Lipiflow treatment however the consult is a great way to discover where your dryness comes from and how to help treat your symptoms
  • Can be used in junction with supplements, medications, other treatments. No interactions
  • We have had patients use FSA/HSA account money to pay for the consult and procedure, check with your HR department for further information on benefit coverage
  • Call our office for pricing, and if you make an appointment in the month of January you are eligible for a $50 rebate for the Lipiflow treatment

For more information and to make an appointment call Rivertown Eye Care at 651-437-5469.