Julien visits SC Toys with new toys from San Francisco

Hi, My name is Julien, I come from France and I work for a board game company called Blue Orange Games. We are set up in San Francisco and I am doing a big road trip in the USA to show the new games to our best clients like Barbara.

So today I have new stuff, stuff for the kids, educational games and games for adults too, party games, games for the families and I also have Juby - which is an old product line of outdoor games.

Today, for example, we have Pool Party here and we'll be in SC Toys and the game is pretty simple. We want to set our divers and be the first ones to have five divers in the pool. So we just press the back and send it. For example, we want to be the first one - we are racing on the red team and the yellow team at the same time and it all falls down!

So we want five of them and the first one to do it wins the game.

Hi, Barb from SC Toys and I'd like to introduce one of my fun reps that came in today - his name is Julien. So Julien sells games to me from a company called Blue Orange. What's so great about the reps is that we have a perfect relationship - they come in they tell me all the great benefits and features of their games and I get to see them in person.

So, I learn how to play them, I can order them, and then I bring them in and I can show them to you. So come on in, come and see the latest and greatest games from Blue Orange.

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