Purcase CHARM IT! Bracelets and Necklaces at SC Toys in Downtown Hastings

Hi, I'm Liz, I'm here with Barb at SC Toys, and I'm a representative with CHARM IT!

These are for girls ages four to twelve and beyond. They make lovely birthday gifts, milestone commemorative pieces, and birthday cakes work for the birthday.

If you are finishing a soccer season, a soccer ball is adorable. A perfect gift for grandmothers to pass on to their granddaughters. Girls like to buy CHARM IT! for their besties to collect and have fun. Girls love them.

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The thing that I like about CHARM IT! is you can start out with a chain or bracelet and customize your own charms. This could fit into your interests and your likes. So, you can definitely have your own customized charm bracelet. You're unique, so your bracelet is going to be unique also.

We love CHARM IT! and you can purchase them in downtown Hastings.

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(651) 438-7949

212 2nd St E
Hastings, MN 55033