Top 15 Holiday Gifts for Boys, Girls, and Babies in Hastings

So, my number one toy is the Pound and Tap Bench - it's awesome! This one is Whirly Squigz for 12 months. We have Munch Mitts for early teethers. We have floating bath toys for 6 months and up. And one of my very favorites is the Spin Again.

So, we have a nice, wonderful house from Playmobil that is from Spirit. Spirit is a very popular T.V. show. Crafts are awesome, this one is a fleece blanket. And who wouldn't like to make slime but make your own art masterpiece? And also a llama - make your own llama drama. Llamas are in this season and so are unicorns with the magic sequins.

This wonderful blinking light is a bike accessory to be seen and be cool on your bike. Underneath it is Gravitrax, which is a high tech marble run, always a favorite. We have a PlayMobil Police Station. We have DartBall, great to burn off some of that kid activity and energy. And who wouldn't want a bow and arrow? It has a foam tip for safety.

So, hope everyone has enjoyed all my favorite top picks for boys, girls, and babies. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Come on in, I'll show you these great gifts and more for everyone on your Christmas list.

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