[VIDEO] Local Author, Diane Davies, Reads Her Children's Book, "Life in the Neck" at SC Toys

This is one of my favorite pictures in the story. I love it.

I'm Diane Davies, and I'm so glad that you all came today to hear my story, Life in the Neck - New Friends. I'm a retired school teacher here in Hastings.

I taught at Kennedy, 3rd grade for ten years. Then I moved to Tilden, and I taught 1st grade at Tilden. Then I moved to McAuliffe, and I taught 1st grade at McAuliffe.

I've been around a long time, and it's been a lifelong dream of mine to write children's books. I've read thousands of children's books being a teacher and hundreds of books to my grandchildren.

So, I'm happy to be here today and happy to share Life in the Neck - New Friends with you.

Visit DianeDavies.com to learn more about Life in the Neck - New Friends.

Pick up a copy of her book at SC Toys in downtown Hastings, Minnesota.


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