Get To Know Sullivan Law & Mediation!

What customer testimonial(s) would you like to share this month?  

I actually had opposing counsel tell me that negotiations on a rather difficult case was really a wonderful experience. And it didn’t sound sarcastic…

What is your business thankful for and why?

A great community and referrals.

Name one product or service you are excited about and why?

Mediation – I really like to help people sort through their issues and create their own solutions before heading to court and spending hard earned money, time and emotional energy. more often than not people just want to be heard before they can start negotiating.

What is an interesting book, album or movie you’ve enjoyed and why?  

Nothing noteworthy recently– my summer downtime has been centered around outdoor activities. Led Zeppelin is my music staple.

What employee or business partner would you like to recognize and why?

My assistant Lindsey – she keeps me organized and even reminds me to eat sometimes.

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