How to GET-NUTS in downtown Hastings

Hi, this is Tatia from The Busted Nut. I just want to let you know we named The Busted Nut because of the peanuts we bring to the table when you walk in.

And you're always welcome to grab them yourself - we have a peanut barrel next to the bar.  
The Busted Nut is a place where you can meet friends, relax, have fun, and feel like you're at home. 

Please visit for upcoming events and call us anytime at GET-NUTS or 651-438-6887.  

Peanut Barrel - The Busted Nut.jpg

(651) 438-6887

118 2nd St E
Hastings, MN 55033

The Busted Nut - Tatia Nelson.jpg