United Heroes League 2018 Camo Gala

Shane Hudella

Tonight is our biggest night of the year for military kids it's our 2018 Camo Gala here at the Army National Guard Aviation Hangar. Great night to honor our military child of the year, service member of the year, an opportunity to highlight partners that have advanced our mission in the past year and then we've got a great concert on tap from Chris Hawkey.

I served 24 years in the Army myself, and during that time you realize the challenges for the kids when you deploy or leave to go to training. A lot of these kids often have a hard time communicating that they're scared or stressed out so getting them active in sports is a great way to help keep them engaged and keep their mind off a parent who might deploy.

We've given away 10 million dollars in benefits now to military families from coast to coast for a national organization that's received awards from the White House to different sports leagues, and we're making a huge difference for military kids. When mom or dad deployed down the trail to the Middle East, we make sure that they've got coaches in the network around them to help support them when Mom and Dad are gone because the parents signed the dotted line to serve the kids don't and we're here for them.


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